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New! Aura Tungsten Ice Jigs

Aura Tungsten Ice Jig: FiretigerThe Tungsten Ice Aura is a small jig that will have a big impact during your hard water season. The bait presents horizontally, without fancy knots or know-how. Its body is engineer to team ideally with your favorite plastic. With our signature Swarovski Crystal Eyes and a jig that fishes level, you have a combination unmatched in the industry. Experience the Aura.


8 color options available  

 Aura Tungsten Ice Jig Features

Phenomenon Crankbait 

Blue Chrome Jig

The Crystaleyes Phenomenon Crankbait is constructed with a durable, hard plastic body that produces a unique side to side rolling action when cast or trolled. It incorporates both flash and sight impact with an internal rattle and our signature Swarovski® crystal eyes. On the terminal end are some of the strongest and sharpest hooks you will ever see on a crankbait. Experience the Phenomenon.  

Our Jig Lineup 

Parrot and Barracuda JigsCrystaleyes Fishing is proud to introduce our new line of jigs. We are all about making the common (jigs) the uncommon by using only the finest components, design and most realistic and reflective eyes of any jig in the marketplace. We want to redefine with jig fishing can look like for all fishermen—weekend warriors and tournament anglers alike. Tie on a Crystaleyes, take a kid fishing and experience the difference!