Aura Tungsten Ice Jig

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The AURA Tungsten Ice Jig will become your go-to jig for hard water fishing with both plastic bait or live bait. The jig fishes level which is very rare in the world of tungsten ice jigs where a downward hook bend is the norm. This horizontal presentation is achieved without knowing fancy knots or manipulating the line tie. Less time fiddling is more time fishing.

The AURA is versatile and will also perform tremendously well as a summer option under a slip bobber or trolled above weeds. Experience the AURA.

Why Crystaleyes?

The Crystaleyes Difference

Each Crystaleyes jig has two highly reflective Swarovski crystal eyes that produce the most realistic 3-D image and reflective properties of any fish's eyes allowing it to best emulate an actual bait fish. 



"If you're not a jig fisherman, you should be! If you are a jig fisherman but not a Crystaleyes jig fisherman, you should be!  Not a secret lure but a difference maker!  I can tell you that it definitely made a difference for me and the walleye lunches are the proof!  Thanks Crystaleyes!"

Dean Hosna

I use Crystaleyes jigs a lot they are really productive for catching lots of walleye especially at night with the glow jigs and using a green light. If they are not part of your tackle box you had better buy yourself some."

Elija Gibson