Swimbait Jig

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   The Crystaleyes Swimbait jig will set a new standard for swimbait jigs.  It features a superior hook on the terminal end of a minnow head design that delivers an erratic side to side action.  Topped off with the flash of our signature Swarovski crystal eye which mimics the reflection and 3-d properties of an actual bait fish eye.  Put more fish in the boat with the brand new Crystaleyes Swimbait jig.  Available in 1/8, 1/4, and 3/8 oz sizes.   Sold in 3 packs.   Available in 12 colors from left to right include Barracuda, Fire Tiger, Flamingo, Gold, Golden Shiner, Lady Slipper, Parrot, Sunrise, Walleye Wonderglow, Purpledesent and Pearl    


Why Crystaleyes?

The Crystaleyes Difference

Each Crystaleyes jig has two highly reflective Swarovski crystal eyes that produce the most realistic 3-D image and reflective properties of any fish's eyes allowing it to best emulate an actual bait fish. 



"If you're not a jig fisherman, you should be! If you are a jig fisherman but not a Crystaleyes jig fisherman, you should be!  Not a secret lure but a difference maker!  I can tell you that it definitely made a difference for me and the walleye lunches are the proof!  Thanks Crystaleyes!"

Dean Hosna

I use Crystaleyes jigs a lot they are really productive for catching lots of walleye especially at night with the glow jigs and using a green light. If they are not part of your tackle box you had better buy yourself some."

Elija Gibson