Catch 'em and Keep 'em

This jig has a short shank hook that is design to fish with live bait. The hook gap is designed to work great catching any size of fish. Typical hooks bend outward when fighting the fish, which can cause them to get off. This jig presents the bait well and is design for the hook to go right in the top of the mouth. You'll see it when you use it. The super sharp hook is very strong. It will not bend and will keep the fish on the entire way into the boat.

The 17 cut Swarovski Crystal Eyes make a huge difference on this jig. Even when the jig isn't moving, to the fish it looks as though it's moving.

This jig also casts great.



Out Fish Your Friends

This jig is very efficient with plastics. The paddle tail causes the jig to move from side to side, which makes the crystal eyes flash. It trails plastics really well with a rocking movement, but travels straight. This jig casts like a bullet and handles current so you can use use a smaller jig than you're typically used to. The hooks are super strong and sharp. They keep the fish on until it's in the boat.

Notice the rings on the collar. They keep the plastics snug and won't tear them up. Fish might tear up the plastics but the jig head won't.




All in One

The Tubertail has a unique design that works great with both a solid plastic or hollow body. The wire keeper is placed on the collar to keep both in place. This tube jig will not tear solid plastic or hollow body. The wire keeper on a typical jig is too low and tears a hollow body jig. When it tears it slides down and the fish don't like it. Avoiding this issues makes a tremendous impact on your success.

The sickle hook design comes back into the shank. It doesn't take much effort to hook a fish and keep them hooked. It's just easy to hook a fish when it bites your line.




Ring The Dinner Bell

This versatile lure moves gracefully from side-to-side and the rolling action is capable of fishing at various speeds from 1.5 - 3 mph. The lure works well on any line and can really take the bait where ever you want to go. The terminal ends are the strongest and sharpest. Finer wire and sickle hook fish and keep them hooked.

The Crankbait contains a rattle that helps transmit vibration in the water, which makes it easy for fish to locate, and of course the movement causes the crystal eyes to flash. It's great for dark water.

The fun thing is that this lure works all over from Canada to Florida. It also casts really well.



It's All in the Presentation

The Aura Tungsten ice jig lets you fish a smaller lure with a big impact. Most jigs are made of lead, but tungsten is 33% heavier. This causes the fishing line to act like a spring. It offers more control , which makes it easier to feel bites with more sensitivity. You can use plastics or bait, but it performs particularly well with plastics.

The Aura fishes horizontal so it presents plastics perfectly with more life like action. The head is designed to stay stable and transfer the action to the plastic, which moves the tail.

Typical ice jigs have a 45% bend that means to fish horizontal it requires a loop knot. No special knots are required with the Aura. This jig makes it easy to fish with a horizontal presentation.


You can also shop a variety of our legacy products in our Crystaleyes Classic Jigs collection. Get 'em before they're gone.