Fishing is best when it brings people together.

We love fishing
with our families,
and we want to help every kid
have that experience.

Wonderful moments happen
when families come together and fish.

From Our Family to Yours


Crystaleyes Fishing was founded and is operated by two teachers and an accountant in Southwest Minnesota.

We all have a passion for the outdoors and the desire to help people enjoy the sport of fishing. To this end, we have developed a line of fishing equipment that is totally unique in the fishing world.

We are excited when we hear of individuals using our product and reporting catch rates of 2:1 or higher when compared to other jigs or tackle. We all are busy and all have families which we maintain as our top priority.

Our commitment to you is that you will not find tackle made with greater attention to effectiveness, detail and quality. Crystaleyes are truly unique in a market where jigs and other tackle are commonplace.

Tie on a Crystaleyes and notice the difference for yourself!


Crystaleyes Fishing is founded on the goal of producing the most unique and effective fishing products on the market today. We utilize the highest quality materials to take an ordinary fishing product and make it extraordinary. Our primary focus is on fishing jigs. Our jigs feature extremely sharp Matzuo sickle hooks. The gap on these hooks increase an angler's hook set percentage. The jigs are individually powder painted and cured in an oven to maximize the durability of the paint. In addition each jig has two highly reflective Swarovski crystal eyes that produce the most realistic 3-d image and reflective properties of any fishes eyes, thereby best emulating an actual bait fish. Paired with plastic or live bait the quality, uniqueness and effectiveness of Crystaleyes products are unmatched in the marketplace today. In addition to our quality line of jigs we also offer custom spinners, dropper rigs for slip bobber fishing and ice jigs that fish horizontal. Whatever the season, tie on a Crystaleyes and experience the difference.  

"If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.”

––Doug Larson.