Crystaleyes Spinner Rigs

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Take your live bait rigging to a completely new level with Crystaleyes Spinner Rigs. The blades on these rigs feature a foilistic, iridescent finish topped with a Swarovski Crystal.  This combination creates a flash that is unmatched in the fishing marketplace.  The rigs have a quick change clevis, are tied on 30 inch Berkley XT 10 pound test and the terminal end features two size 4 black nickel sickle style hooks that are extremely sharp and strong.  Anglers can rig crawlers on both hooks or cut off the back hook and fish a leech off a single hook.  Available in blade colors perch, clown, silver shad and purple.  All rigs are conveniently rigged on card backer for ease of use for fisherman.

*** On SALE from now till March 11.  Due to demand please limit to maximum of 5 spinner rigs per color.  Type "spinwin48" as discount code.

Why Crystaleyes?

The Crystaleyes Difference

Each Crystaleyes jig has two highly reflective Swarovski crystal eyes that produce the most realistic 3-D image and reflective properties of any fish's eyes allowing it to best emulate an actual bait fish. 



"If you're not a jig fisherman, you should be! If you are a jig fisherman but not a Crystaleyes jig fisherman, you should be!  Not a secret lure but a difference maker!  I can tell you that it definitely made a difference for me and the walleye lunches are the proof!  Thanks Crystaleyes!"

Dean Hosna

I use Crystaleyes jigs a lot they are really productive for catching lots of walleye especially at night with the glow jigs and using a green light. If they are not part of your tackle box you had better buy yourself some."

Elija Gibson